Your computer describes your personality the best and often people try to personalize their computer with different settings and themes with respect to their interest.

Operating systems like Windows give the best option to personalize your computer through wallpapers and different themes that can be either customized yourself or through third party downloads or tools. For all the beauty lovers this was good news when this concept started growing and people started personalizing their computer with their favorite actors and actresses.
Sex sells in every field but is often considered offensive when someone has personalized his desktop with some sexy wallpaper. But things are changing with the growth in fashion trend and boldness in society.

A hot wallpaper of famous celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet, Pamela Anderson, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Beil etc. has occupied millions of desktops in the world. These wallpapers are available on Internet with different categories and often photo sessions of these celebrities generate thousands of wallpapers. Different sites offer sexy wallpapers as well screen-savers for home users in.jgp,.png and.gif formats. Not only the direct downloads of these wallpapers but even the zipped format of these wallpapers is available on Internet.

File sharing websites have again increased the interest of users by sharing their favorite wallpaper with other friends or users of the website.

Few software and tools also offers services to change the wallpaper on your desktop within seconds or during the period of each day. This may not be the trend at office workplace but home users are really enjoying the taste of sexy wallpapers through different tools and services.